Monday, July 18, 2011

Live Longer: Get A Pet

 Most everyone these days has a pet. If you don't, I recommend you get one. Studies have shown that people who have a pet live longer. A pet such as a dog, cat or even fish calm people. In my opinion, it seems as though my cat has a sixth sense. No, he does not see dead people! He has a inner knowing when I am not feeling well. Milo, my cat will cuddle close by me. He stays by my side for quite awhile. Any other time, when I am having a normal feel good day, he just looks at me and turns away. Have you ever experienced the same with your cat??? 
In most hospitals I have noticed that they bring in dogs for pet therapy.  It is because pets lower your stress levels and blood pressure.  People feel better and happy when they touch an animal or pet.  Did you know that in " Twelve months after a heart attack the mortality rate in homes with a dog was 5%, and in homes with no dog, 26%." states Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD.  This is quite amazing!  So, next time your with your pet, notice how you feel. Your pet loves you unconditionally, that's why God put them here to love and to be loved. Take care :)

Kelly H

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