Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying To Cope With My Depression

Hi, everyone I hope all is well with you. I have been on and off doing my blogging lately. More off than on. As you all know, I have depression and have been struggling with it for many years. I am trying to find more ways to cope with depression. I have been reading a book called The Depression Cure and it is very good with practical and understandable advice. The first thing they talked about was that they have done studies and said that doing exercise seems to be just as effective as taking the medication called Zoloft. I thought that this was amazing. I am definitely going to start back up with my exercising. I kind of fell of the wagon after my 30 day challenge with the EA Sports Active. I do have to admit that it does make you feel better about yourself when you workout. It is just really hard to make yourself exercise when your in the super depressed mode and thinking that nothing will make a difference. I am going to start focusing on having a positive attitude and being grateful for what I have in my life. I have so much to say. There will be more to come soon. I think that I will leave you with this thought from Dr. Wayne Dyer, who says Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life!


  1. This is absolutely true. Exercise does fight depression AND anxiety. Have you ever tried Tae Bo? That got me over 100 lbs. can definitely help you. When I'm done with my Tae Bo workouts, I get a major endorphin high...very nice. Check it out at


  2. Thanks so much for your recommendation. I will definitely try some Tae Bo workouts. I hope you have a great week and I enjoy your show on blogtalkradio.

  3. Just found your blog. Mine is at
    I too have suffered depression for years. I am 40 and also feeling a bit down lately. I shouldn't be I have a new baby. I have new grand babies. But due to pregnancy and nursing my little one I have changed meds and dropped my dosage way down. I also had to quit exercising during pregnancy and was even on complete bed rest for awhile. I hadn't heard about the link between exercise and it being that effective. Def. going to try and get back in that routine.


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